23 comments on “Clouds Imitate Art

    • Hey, Pete. Yes, a southernMOST sky! As you might imagine, the B&Bs in Key West (the southernmost point in the US) capitalize on that fact, ad infinitum… The weather and skies are highly entertaining, more so than the bars and restaurants (in our geeky opinion). Thanks for writing!

    • Yep, back. Bug-bit. Burnt. In other words, great kayak trip! Pics arriving from others in the group, so once we’ve collected and made sense of it all, we’ll write a post. Big hugs! See you on the (freezing) water this weekend?

  1. That’s the great thing about being in a kayak… The ability to stay with the sky like you’ve shown. I can’t count the number of times my husband has cautioned me not to be so poky during sunsets… He, not anxious to paddle back to where we put in… in the dark!

    • Haha, we can see both sides of that argument! Thanks so much for visiting, JANE 🙂 We really love your blog! Jean & Alex

    • Oh Badfish! Then you will LOVE this book: The Cloudspotter’s Guide/ The Science, History, and Culture of Clouds by Gavin Pretor-Pinney (founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society). No kidding—there really is such a society. The book is fantastic, and quite funny, believe it or not. A bestseller in the UK (figures, they are quite preoccupied by the weather). Enjoy 🙂

      • We rely on The Cloud Collector’s Handbook, same author, may need it tomorrow. Opening day for us, back on the water as the silly winter (in effect one weekend) draws to a close.

      • Hey, Michael!!! Happy Opening Day 🙂 Of COURSE you will bring you camera…? Your fall 2015 photos were spectacular, and I’ve failed spectacularly by not collecting and posting them. You can see, we’ve fallen (no pun intended) behind in our posts… nothing tragic, just work and traveling for work, late nights working… can’t seem to find the energy to turn on the computer again after staring at it for 12 hours previously… ugh. The pull to go analog gets stronger and stronger. Do you ever feel that way? Jean

      • Work? I used to do that sort of thing once, just for exercise. Not worth it. Takes up your whole day.

        Hmmm — it was 30+ years of exercise at Château d’If…

        On the same subject (exercise), the analog muscles were creaking yesterday, not to mention a lack of rotational limber, finally stowed the camera to allow freedom of movement in the cockpit. A few subjects on the water, mostly skittish mergansers, couldn’t get close enough, blew the one good chance. Try again today, air temp rising to 72, water temp likely to reach 40, comfortable conditions for early March!

        It was a pleasant fall paddle but void of clouds. In spring we scored our best ever, pile d’assiettes.

    • Oh, my. All of these birds dance better than I do, hahaha!! Thanks so much for the fun video link, Dina! J 🙂

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