11 comments on “Twenty-two

    • Yes, most of the time… right now he is hollering/peeping/shrieking for attention while I try to write you. Coming, Kuno! (Thanks for visiting, Pit) 🙂

      • LOL – looks like someone who’s trying to lure you away from the computer!
        Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

    • We think more fur flying than feathers, as Kuno can bite! (We’ve got the scars to prove it.) And a high-decibel shriek that sends most dogs running. Have we seen your kitty on your blog?

    • Oh, that depends on his chewing our furniture… (just kidding!) According to the experts, his life expectancy is 50-80 years. Jean did the math when she (age 34) adopted him… figured we’d kick the bucket around the same time. Responsible pet owners R Us.

  1. Love him! 22 years – yes, they DO live ling, don’t they? I know they are a big commitment, and it looks like you guys stepped up to the plate. A fun post – I love your description of his better and not-so-better qualities.

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