Welcome to 2G3K. Sea kayaking is our Thing, particularly here at home in western Long Island Sound, and the subject of this blog. The name refers to authors Jean and Alex, and the typical touring speed of a kayak, 3 nautical miles per hour (but you knew that). We write 2G3K to share our experiences, photos, advice and info with other paddlers who might find it helpful (and fingers crossed, interesting). It’s not about how to paddle… but rather, why. 🙂 🙂 

About Alex  Born Geek. At 18 months of age, he dismantled his mother’s sewing machine. He didn’t put it back together, but still. He works as an energy efficiency engineer in NYC. An avid cyclist and tandem biker (ask him about the “double century” he did one day), Alex has been kayaking since 2009. As 2G3K’s Techno Writer and Chart Freak, he does the heavy lifting on fixing stuff while Jean keeps the beer cold.

About Jean  Honorary Geek. Sea kayak instructor (ACA L3), budding surf skier, racing junkie and occasional skinny-stick paddler. She makes her living as a freelance writer/creative director at a NYC ad agency, which just happens to be steps away from the Hudson River, where she started paddling in 2005. She is 2G3K’s Trip Planner, Cheerleader and Boss Lady.

DATA  Alex paddles a P&H Cetus LV sea kayak; Jean prefers her Tiderace Xplore S and Epic V10 Sport surf ski. We’re BCU 3-star paddlers and members of Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club (HHYC) in Larchmont, NY and Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club (YPRC). 

P.S.  Parrot Stat! Kuno is 2G3K avatar/mascot (his face appears on our “likes” in WordPressLand). He loves water—in a spray bottle. (Yes, he talks. Click for video of him dispatching an enemy). 

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  1. I recognized that lat & long as being close to the city, where I used to live…Rye Playland – my son was thrilled to go there for his birthday & called it Play-ride Land…love the Buffleheads, which I watch here in the PNW too…glad seals are on the uptick…thanks for the visit, happy kayaking, and I bet you will run into Vlad & Joanna someday.

    • Hi, Lynn! From your newest avid followers. We are blown away by your photographs AND your botanical knowledge (we’re rather florally-impaired, but working on it). “It’s In The Details” is remarkable, “Early Spring”..stunning. We look forward to perusing both your blog and fine art site further. Thank YOU so much for the visit! Coincidentally, we’re planning to run into Vlad and Johna at 6:30 for dinner 🙂

  2. Lots of good things to dig through here… Looking forward to a quiet evening by the fire on a stormy coastal night to take an armchair paddle on the other side of the continent vicariously through your site here… Where to start…. Cheers…

    • Welcome, WildB! Let us know if/when you get to this side of the continent, so we can paddle together literally. We really enjoy our vicarious paddles in Oregon, via your blog. Nice videos and good, thoughtful writing! More, more! See ya on the wi-fi “water.” J&A 🙂

      • Its been fun getting out on the water… Wish I would have started this years ago… Thanks for sharing the journey…

  3. Jean K.!!! This is Robby Carlisle from Brunson and beyond. We can talk later BUT – Eddingsville Beach! Jeremy Cay! I’ve been going to Edisto my whole life but for the last 20 + years my godmother has had a house at Jeremy Cay. I couldn’t believe the pictures you had… felt like home. I’ll send you some! It is a truly magical place – virtually deserted, great fossil hunting. We get down there only twice a year these days but if you EVER think you may be back let me know and maybe we can all stay at the new house she’s building right now…… we have never been kayaking and my wife has always wanted to. Write back sometime…..

    • Hey! Writing back! Let’s reconnect in the real world… just saw Wilton B. in NYC recently. Sent you my email just now (sorry, dropped out of Facebook). Prefer Facebar, where people sit on opposite stools and talk while sipping wine or whatever, haha. Look forward to hearing from you! J.

  4. Just noticed when you were at Edisto……we were there the EXACT same time. i find it hard to believe we didn’t see each other…we always go down towards Frampton inlet. our house was just two or three down from yours. amazing.

    • Hey! Wow, so great to hear from you, Rob(bie?). Ya know, the longer I’m on this planet, the more I realize how teeeeeny tiny it is. We overlapped in Edisto??? That’s crazy. Guess I didn’t see a blonde dude with a guitar; and you didn’t see two geeky people in orange and yellow kayaks. How ’bout we email? I’m at ccjeanko@gmail.com

  5. Hello Alex and Jean-
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving it a “follow.” I hope you will enjoy my nature-related posts. I’m also trying my hand at hosting a weekly challenge and invite you to take a look and participate as topics interest you-https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_event/unless-earth-friendly-friday/

    My husband and I are avid flat-water paddlers. We own 4 kayaks, our “beginner” boats- Daggers. Our pride and joys are the Pygmy sea kayaks we built… his a 17′ Coho… mine a 14′ Arctic Tern. We love that we built these…

    Happy to meet you-

    • Hi, Jane! We’re happy to meet you too. Where do you paddle? Congrats on the kayak building! We have yet to try it, but our friend Jim is an avid boat builder (pics of his kayaks, dory and wherry are on our blog)—then again, unlike us apartment dwellers, he has a garage! Thanks for the weekly challenge invitation —we will definitely check it out 🙂 All the best, jean & Alex

  6. Have no idea about kayaking but really liked what little I have read so far. Look forward to explore your passion through your pictures and words.

    • Hello, Mia! Thanks so much for the “follow.” We are equally intrigued with your musings about life in Joburg/ Jozi…so many nicknames! Oh, and the wine passion we share… almost up there with kayaking (the two don’t mix all that well, LOL), but yes! Perhaps you can recommend some South African vintages to us? Cheers! Jean & Alex

      • Ooh the SA wines are to die for and so affordable too! Best part about living here 🙂 My favourite is Warwick – i love their reds (Trilogy, First Lady) and for white wine i like the Eagle’s Nest Viognier. These are all easy drinking. Some of the other really great estates are L’Avenir, Rust en Vrede, Groot Contantia, etc.

      • Ah-hah, thank you. We very much look forward to a SA wine tasting. Starting this evening! Cheers to you 🙂 Jean & Alex

    • Hey, fellow geek! Yes, updates are coming as soon as we update our machines. Ugh, we’re analog geeks in a digital world… Please stay tuned. Thanks so much for your kind message!!! See you on the water! J&A

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