5 comments on “Indoor Kayaking

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    • Hi! Depending on your kayak(s), this may be way more difficult than actually paddling… at least in a real kayak, you fall into the nice cushy water, hahahaha. Thanks so much for visiting. Please please let us know if you were successful in convincing your friend or not. Have fun and be safe 🙂 🙂

  2. I kayak a little on the river every few months or so but I’d be buggered if I can stay on the balance ball like you can. 5secs and I’m sucking dust of the carpet. Maybe my balls inflated to much…

    • Hey there, Chris! Ya, if anybody ever decides to inflate that ball, we’re in trouble! BTW, the video here is of another kayaker, Ivy K; but we are practicing this smooth move and it’s getting better… gotta keep yer abs solid. Where are you kayaking? J&A

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