16 comments on “Chaos and…crickets

  1. Think this is my favorite post of all your delightful posts. Crickets as weather forecasters? Awesome!

    • Hey, Pete. Thanks for your high praise, my friend! I hope you’re well and getting outdoors. Lemme know if your local crickets cooperate 🙂

  2. Terrific sunrise photos, guys!

    And amazing fact about the temperature-reading crickets! I wonder if it applies to South African crickets as well – I’m going to try it as soon as I can!

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    • Thank you, Inger. It can’t compare with yours, however — oh my, you two do get around! We loooove the post about orcas! Let’s stay in touch 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you so much! It was a great trip, but with a bad headwind for 20 miles… well, that made it “memorable” in a not-so-good way, lol. How are your travels? J&A

  4. Isn’t autumn’s solitude priceless? We had a disappointing October but November so far is golden, quiet days paddling in the company of birds (and a mink) and no end in sight, and almost nothing in the way of wake.

    Uh-oh — duck season opens Saturday. Let me not think on’t.

    • A mink?? We’d love to see one NOT worn on shoulders… Here’s to the end of duck hunting season. Like, no more duck hunting. How are you two? J&A

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