13 comments on “Standing Ovation

    • Well, as mammals we aren’t so keen on being upside down underwater… but then you realize you float to the surface! Notice that all the work begins from there. The real trick is to relax and be buoyant. No crocodiles here to worry about 🙂 J&A

    • Hey, Michael! Thank you. That is the consensus, yes. This not-so-little guy hangs around the kayak dock often, mostly afternoons. He really seemed interested in Luke’s presentation! Let’s catch up offline — hope you and Julie are well. J&A

  1. Yes, I was going to say a young night heron – love those guys – I used to see one at the SI ferry, quite regularly. Yeesh, that guy must have a noseful – and earsful of water! Where is that place??

    • You mean Luke? He’s rolling at our place, Horseshoe Harbor Club in Larchmont (where we keep our yaks). We hear you… it’s not the water itself that we don’t like up the nose, it’s what’s in it… surely you remember that beach-closing rule from your time here: No swimming the day after it rains more than 1/2 inch? Because the old sewer pipes “can’t handle it”? Happy to say, we HAVE heard from Luke since. He’s fine. But we’re still gonna wear our nose plugs!

      • 🙂
        I do remember beach closings after big rains…we’re having some significant rain out here today, and the next few days…back to the rainy season, oh well!

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