8 comments on “Florida Keys Top Ten: Part 3

    • Ooh, clicking the LOVE icon here. So glad to reconnect with you!!!! Yes, a great trip to Florida. (And another to your neck of the woods, Orcas Islands, last summer…) We think of you almost every weekend, paddling up to “Playride Land.” How are you?? J&A

      • Wow, you remember Playrideland! My son, who’s 30 now, actually moved out here a year and a half ago. I have to bother him with that one! 😉
        I’m fine, but jealous that you did the Orcas – I still haven’t gotten up there. I will though.

      • We’ll be there (Orcas) again in August. If the planets align, perhaps we can meet? BTW, we’re delighted to hear that your son is nearby now; last we knew, he was half a world away. Big hugs, Jean & Alex

  1. Hmm, I’m just now seeing your reply. You will have to beat me with a stick…yes, I should be around. A little planning and it should work! I know ferry service is very difficult on summer weekends – long, long waits. So that’s why I say planning, though I’m partial to NOT planning. But we;ll see! 🙂

    • Ok, we will definitely keep you posted! No sense in being kayaks passing in the night. 🙂

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