8 comments on “Florida Keys Top Ten: Part 1

    • You are so right about that! Actually, Jean and Hen did all 10 days and Alex met up at Marathon, the halfway point, since he couldn’t get away from work. Perhaps he was on cloud 4.5? A great trip nonetheless. J&A

    • Hey, Simple Days. Thanks for visiting! Yes, you should definitely return—and get the Paddling Atlas that the Burnhams wrote, as it contains tons of kayak info (launches, campsites, phone numbers, etc.). Hey– Lake Norman in NC? I grew up nearby (Winston-Salem). Fell out of a sailboat there once, hahaha. Happy memories nonetheless. 🙂 Jean

  1. How beautiful. I love the two blue shades. it looks like you had fun.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Love, Cheri >

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