7 comments on “Christmas seals?

    • Our first sighting (Bea & me) was mid-October… you’re right: super early! But the bunker bumper crop may have attracted them early and they’ve hung around. Have you seen any? Guys fishing in New Rochelle marina have reported seeing “sea dogs”… 🙂

  1. Love the photos. a very eerie feeling about them as if you are lost in the space. Sort of similar here today on the water, only we have dead calm and a heat haze on the horizon. (sorry no photos !!) Been above 105 F here for the last few days. So the only place to be is on or in the water….Ian…PaddlingSouth

    • Hi, Ian! Great to hear from you. Still in that heat wave? We’ve had a bit of one here lately… 65+ in December! Sleet tonight, however, now that we’ve returned to normal. Sigh… Are you on and in the water? J&A

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