11 comments on “(Extra)ordinary: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Love the Stellar ski..nice ride for a summers day…but not my choice in that weather. Still its 32 degrees here today and good for a ski paddle so off I go. Thats Centigrade not Farenheit of course.

  2. Thanks for the invitation, what a gorgeous fall-inspired supper, yummy! Our bookfayries are still licking their wings with joy.
    Enjoyed your photo story very much despite the sometimes slightly choppy sea. Lovely fall colours and thank you all for dressing up to match the theme. We love you for all your efforts! ❤ 😀
    Big hugs from us
    and please give Kuno and friends a pat from us x

    • Thanks, Dina! We are just getting back to blogging after an adventurous summer… as you may have guessed by now, 99.99% of our posts are created by Jean, who simply couldn’t stand the thought of being in front of a computer all summer! Her hands hurt, and she needed to get outdoors and practice for her ACA Level 3 Kayak Instructor Certification. So therefore, our two-month hiatus… Thank you for your enthusiasm—you and the Bookfayries are really helping us get back in the swing!! Jean 😀

      • Welcome back, dear friends! ACA Level3 Kayak Instructor sounds seriously impressive! 🙂 I had a few weeks break from blogging in the Alps, the outdoor life in the mountains was more attractive than the computer.
        Best regards, Dina & co Xx

      • Mountains! Outdoors! Fresh air! We couldn’t agree more. Big hugs to you Four 🙂

  3. Br-r-r, a cold trip report, making us shiver. Good thing summer came back today, hoping it lingers a while.

    BTW thanks for the preceding re Johna & Vlad. Wonderful news! We had no idea.

    • Hey, Michael and Julie! Let’s talk offline… we didn’t forget about Lake Champlain trip — would LOVE to do it with you guys. However, Alex just took a new job (i.e., minimal vaca time) and now it’s cold… Did you get there? If so, I’m thinking guest blog!! And if not Champlain, then eagle families? Your call — your pix are always exquisite!!! Jean

      • Lake Champlain even better than last year, the Inland Sea is fabulous. Next year we may aim for Missisquoi & Canada, but we need a new base. Crown Point is too far away. Few photos from the big lake but paddle season this year otherwise one long photo op, tons of poorly organized photos. Will PM details soon.

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