8 comments on “Manhattan Circumnavigation 2015

  1. Nice to see someone else has wierd tides as well. We are just on our way back from a circumnavigation as well, Wardang Island in South Australia. Tides were over 10hours apart coming off of a dodge tide where they dont move much for 24 hours. Didnt have your sort of paddler or spectator numbers though, only 3 of us and we saw no one else anywhere for 2 days.

    • Oooh, sounds fantastic! We’re looking up Wardang Island now… Have you created a post about it yet? We are looking forward!!! J&A

  2. This is my dream trip. It looks like so much fun. I am officially “okayed” to start paddling, so I might do a short one in the Hudson with MKC. Do you have any thoughts about Labor Day Weekend?

    Miss you.

    xoxo Joanne

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