8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

    • Thank you, Judy. I think the cherry blossoms may be my favorite, actually. BTW we really love those storm photos of yours, from a couple of posts ago. Be well, and happy weekend! Jean (and Alex)

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  2. Beautiful first photo — the exquisite stillness of the sparse dawn. Such an enticement, to be on the water as fog succumbs to golden light, best time to launch, paddle silently among the waking critters (noisy hominids not welcome).
    Sorry about your friends’ boats, a tough blow.

    • Hi, Michael. Yeah, a bummer, at first… they were allowed to retrieve yaks at some point before demolition, but we did see something that looked a lot like a rowing shell all mangled in the pile! As for the first pic, we weren’t on the water (can’t remember why!) but walking in foggy Hudson Park that morning. We were the only hominids around; a gorgeous spring day! Thanks so much for visiting– we look forward to Lake Champlain.

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