9 comments on “Small Craft Advisory

  1. Can I just add that it’s 32 degrees C here today. Now thats perfect paddling weather. 32 degrees F and theres no way you will get me out of bed. a hell of a way to earn a scrambled egg sandwich.

    • Yikes! That’s like 90 F, isn’t it? Almost hot enough to cook eggs on a sidewalk. But we’re just being cranky—we envy your warm weather! It just will NOT warm up here. Which, as you’ve seen, can lead to “cabin fever” and paddling in iffy weather. Enjoy the heat! Thanks for visiting 🙂

    • We’ll look forward to hearing about your first trip of 2015. Thanks for the visit, Michael 🙂

      • Outlook suddenly bright to bring about the holiest of Thursdays, failing that surely a very good Friday. Heading out now to check the boat launch ramps, afterward begin the spring preparation routine.

        Spirits soaring — bought a bag of currant scones & blueberry muffins at the farmers market today for open air riverside dining, best eatery on earth.

    • Thank you! One of these days, the warm sun will find us too…or so they tell us. Enjoy your holiday. J&A

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