3 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

  1. OMG!!! Baaaaaaack!! You deserve a medal for this horrid monster post 🙂 What a great take on the challenge. 😀
    We have listened to the sound of the cicadas outside your tent several times, it’s unhearably loud.
    I’d go totally bananas. And then to encounter this kind of embracingly greedy greetings outside the tent, I’d die … No way, I’d go for them on my plate. At a distance, they do look really interesting.
    Excellent post, Jean and Alex. Lots of ❤ pats for Kuno, Isadora and Floyd xxx
    *Hugs* from Dina, Klausbernd, Siri & Selma

    • Hahaha, thank you, Dina! Do you remember dial-up modems? That’s what those cicadas sound like, only louder! Good thing it’s only once every 17 years. Thanks for your fun comment here, heehee! Big hugs to y’all. 🙂

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