5 comments on “Cabin Fever

    • Doh!!! Well, WE saw snow geese… Have fun, Bob. And thanks for the Venetian/Paduan updates and photos! Big hugs, J&A

  1. I live in a small port city on Lake Michigan and have a garage for winter storage and a yard for kayak on trailer storage. I wondered what metropolitan paddlers did for sea kayak storage. I had reasoned that in a pinch one could get a play boat to stand on end in a small apartment but could not imagine life without my sea kayak.

    Is this a club boat house? Storage attached to an apartment house? How does one get your boat out of the city?

    • Well, we can’t imagine life without our sea kayaks either!! Typically, NYC paddlers keep their boats at clubs/boathouses along the Hudson (about 800 bucks a year—lots cheaper than $$$ to park yer car!!). There are several paddling clubs, like NY Kayak Company at Pier 40 /Houston Street; Downtown Boathouse; Inwood Club; Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club; Sebago (Brooklyn); and others we’re certainly forgetting here. More than a few Manhattanites paddle folding boats (Feathercraft), but as far as we know, few take them up the freight elevators of their apartment buildings after each trip! Much easier to keep them at your usual launch site.
      As for us, we used to keep our fiberglass sea kayaks at NY Kayak, cartopping each time we wanted to leave the City, ’til we moved out of NYC to New Rochelle, just north of the Bronx. The pics you see on our site now are of a little boathouse in Larchmont, NY. (Although we moved from NYC, we still live in a hi-rise apartment building—no garage or yard to keep the yaks.) Our boats are 10 minutes away by car. BTW, we have friends in NYC who get their boats out of the City by PADDLING THEM! Check out windagainstcurrent.com
      We look forward to reading more of your blog! Thanks for the visit! J&A 🙂

  2. I’ve trailered my kayak through the Tri-State around the southern end of Lake Michigan. As crowded as that is it is not stop and go city traffic. I have always wondered how city paddlers got around. Thanks.

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