19 comments on “Ice Capades

    • Well, it COULD”VE been better—like, if there’d been a nice bakery, with hot pancakes and coffee and veggie sandwiches, etc., on the island. Ah well, this calls for a return to Sugar & Spice on City Island, don’t you think?

  1. Ice capades indeed. The only ice I see are the cubes in my glass as I sit here recovering from a training bike ride and getting ready for the afternoon paddle. Temperature a nice 30 degrees. CELSIUS that is; shorts and t-shirt weather.

  2. I love the ‘tinkling’ of the ice when it is a light skim as in your video. I also love my NRS boots. When I go out on the pier to shoot winter formations NOTHING provides better grip and warmth than my kayak boots. I had thought about getting some knee highs.
    Hey, from Lake Michigan. There are a lot of serious, crazy kayakers who live for the Great Lakes Paddling.

    • Thanks for the visit and info! We have yet to paddle any of the Great Lakes—they tend to freeze up! As for the muck boots, they do seem like a good idea for staying warm, but others have suggested they can take on water when you capsize. Gotta ask Dave about his experience there. See you soon, dune light!

      • Generally getting fit at the moment with a mixture of running, weights, ab work, hiking and paddling. For the event looking at regular paddles extending distance out as we get closer. It is a comfortable paddle fitness wise, more about conditioning to sit in the boat for three hours

  3. Great, we loved to see and read about your almost arctic adventure! 👍💨❄️💧Thanks for the video!
    “Frozen im time” is an expression I have to pinch. So, now it’s resting in my little book of gems, thank you, Kuno!
    How on earthly water do you keep a relatively warm bottom in the ice-cold kayak? I get cold hands looking at the photos (I can tell you, this is not for KB, he’s a wimp, but tell anyone, please.) Those Muck boots look very smart!
    Love from us all, have a great, adventurous Sunday,
    Dina xo

    • Hi, M. Glad you enjoyed our little moment of cabin fever. It was fun! How is your weather? An “historic” blizzard is predicted for us here… FEET of snow. No paddling, nope.

      • It looks like fun. Today is cool and rainy in Sydney, but we’ve just come out of a hot spell that peaked at around 38 celsius (100 F) so it is a big relief – and nice to look at pictures of ice! Hope that blizzard doesn’t cause too many problems.

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