10 comments on “Gone But Not Forgotten: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Breathtaking photos! I love this milky, dreamy mood in the images. Not to be be forgotten, never ever, such wonderful moments.
    Off the topic; how long can you leave your gorgeous feather creature alone at home?
    Best regards to all of you,
    Dina x

    • Hello, Dina! Thank you so much. We certainly will not forget those summer moments. (Cameras help!) Jean was very torn that morning, between training for the L2L race and stopping to take photos—you can see which won!
      As for your parrot question… may we ask, why do you ask? (Just curious. Are you considering a parrot?) Glad to share our bird knowledge 🙂 Kuno, our 20-year-old African grey parrot and avatar, is very “well-adjusted” for a domestic, hand-raised, yet xenophobic creature… He is extremely emotional, social, and very intelligent! Since babybirdhood, he is used to spending up to 12 hours in his cage with toys and food and the radio playing while we are at work. (He also has “roommates”… parakeets, in a nearby cage, who keep him company constantly.) We interact with him as much as possible in the morning and evening, when we are home. If we go kayak-camping for the weekend, we hire a petsitter to come in twice each day to feed and amuse. If we are away longer than 24 hours, he goes to Bird Camp in NYC, a boarding facility where he hangs out with many other birds (they all come home saying new things!). BTW, on this topic, we highly recommend a documentary, “Parrot Confidential” available on Netflix and elsewhere. All the best, Jean & Alex & Kuno & Floyd & Isadora

      • Thank you much for this very interesting answer, Jean and Alex! No, I’m not contemplating getting a parrot, (but a friend of mine, you’re right! 🙂 ) and was curious about Kuno and his friends, how you and they cope and how you arrange your life. Having a cat is different from having a dog is different from having big birds and depending on where and how we live our pets demand more or less attention so this was very educating. Hope you don’t think I was being too nosy … Thank you again, all of you, Jean & Alex & Kuno & Floyd & Isadora! ❤
        Big hug, Dina

    • Thank you! The early morning fog was enchanting, and when the sun rose, it was like paddling on the surface of the sun (or Mercury). Without dying instantly, of course. 🙂

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