8 comments on “Travels With Lucky

  1. Nice photos – I never did get there and always wanted to. My son’s wonderful 2nd grade teacher retired to her summer home there, and my nephew married into a Block Island family this year. You must have had a great time.

    • Hi, Lyn! You must visit them!! 🙂 It is a gorgeous place and soooooo worth the trip. The history alone is fascinating. Hope you get there soon! J&A

  2. What an absolutely beautiful post. Block Island is one of my favorite places on the this earth. We have vacationed there 11 times since 2000. We often talk of visiting over a holiday, but as of now, we have only seen Block Island in the summer time. I can’t wait to show my husband these pictures. Blessings.

    • Oh, you are so right about Bl…it instantly became one of our favorite places, too! We do wonder how we’d like it in summertime (our preference is deserted beaches!). Where do you stay when you visit? Perhaps you can tell us about your summertime trips there. Thanks so much for the cyber visit here. We look forward to hearing from you! Happy New Year 🙂

      • We first stayed in a house that is no longer a bed and breakfast. It is right on Crescent Beach and at that time was called the Beach House. We next stayed at the Blue Dory…very nice…perfect for us at that time because we did not bring our car onto the island. If you don’t make the reservations VERY early it is very hard to get your car to the island. Next was the The Gothic, the beautiful pink bed and breakfast. We stayed there three times but it is very noisy for sleeping because of the close vicinity of bars. We stayed once in the hotel that rents bicycles…the Sea Crest…our least favorite. It’s too long a story to say how we ended up staying there. Our two favorites were our last few years of visiting…the Sea Breeze, the beautiful cluster of houses along the curve of Water Street catty corner from the big hotel…the Spring House. We loved this place because of the manager, a sweetheart named Gabby who still lives on the island. The Sea Breeze changed hands to an heir of the lady who had owned it, and Gabby left, and it was not the same for us. We next went to The Upstairs…a really nice place run by a terrific couple. Last year we did not go to Block Island. The water never warms up there, and so we headed for Jamaica. I would love to visit Block Island in the off season…maybe one day soon.

      • Thanks for this! BTW, we wonder if our B&B, the Avonlea, used to be your “Beach House?” It is right on Crescent Beach and is the “sister” property of the Blue Dory. We recommend it highly; heard it may get renovated next September. J&A

      • If it is the “Beach House” it would be kind of catty corner to the Blue Dory. The back yard of it is on the street…next to the “kitty” bar that I can’t remember the name of at the moment. When we stayed there a big iron sculpture was in the back yard…I think the sculptor lived there.

      • Yep, I think it became the Avonlea. Don’t recall a sculpture, however, but the backyard/parking is definitely next to Yellow Kittens, where the locals hang out and share freshly-harvested oysters. You should experience the island in winter — we will try the reverse. Let’s compare notes 🙂 Happy New Year

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