10 comments on “Block Island: Above and Beyond

  1. Exquisite desolation — 12,000 visitors per day appalling to contemplate. Yet another post Labor Day destination? There are so many…
    Wish I could see more of the lighthouse on Mohegan Point, the Christmas tree is priceless.
    400 miles of stone walls??? Extraordinary!

    • Hey, Michael! You said it—exquisite. Absolutely go after Labor Day (have you ever been there?) I think we can grant your wish about that lighthouse — and the one on the north tip, too. Until we all see it in person, anyway. Stay tuned for one more post about BI, RI. 🙂 J&A

    • Thank you so much, Julie!!! We have quite a few more to share. And we are enjoying reading your blog, a Sawyer’s Daughter. Delightfully written 🙂 How are things in Iowa?

    • Whew!!! Thank you for this invaluable info, Vlad! We’d give anything for photos during your tide rip experience, (teehee) but I guess you’ll just have to tell us about it in person. Love, J&A

    • Thank you, Lyn! You and your camera(s) really must come here. But not “in season,” as you’d get only portraits—so many people there in warm weather, we hear. 🙂

  2. My husband and I have only gone in the summer time. The island is big enough that even though many people visit you can still find very secluded beach areas. Stay away from Ballards, Crescent, Mansion and Fred Benson beaches. Clay head is one of our favorites. It’s quite a hike to reach, but because of that there are relatively few people.

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