8 comments on “When Air Masses Converge…

  1. That’s the difference between summer and winter conditions… We are fair-weather paddlers: we’ve only paddled out to Block Island in the summer, and sometimes it was fairly challenging even then 🙂

    • Hey, Vlad! We hear you. Talked to a few RI folks who’ve crossed—most conclude it’s boring, as long scenery- less crossings can be—and once they’ve dunnit, they never do it again. This doesn’t stop us from fantasizing about kayaks as ferry freight, however, and paddling once we get there… hope you and Johna will consider joining us for a Block Island spree! Big hugs, J&A

      • Well, it seems I like long boring crossings 😉 I’ve done it four times, but for variety’s sake I started in three different places on the RI mainland, and once in CT. The funny thing is that I’ve never actually spent a night on Block Island—each time I turned round and paddled right back. So it would be fun to explore a bit for a change!

      • Hey Vlad. We are planning on it—with you as trip leader, if you don’t mind. It will be so much fun to hang out there with you guys!

    • Gee, thanks Vic! It was a whim to just ignore the rain and take the pics anyway. We kinda liked the impressionistic result. Thanks so much for kind words!

    • And thank you, Jack! We’re delighted to hear from you. How’s the paddling in Portugal? We may want to find out firsthand 🙂

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