7 comments on “Travel Theme: Colorful

  1. A pleasant desaturated color day here too, just in time to complete a century of launches and put away the boats before Wednesday’s heavy snow. The stepping stones photo reminded me of a better one, took a little digging, found in a rime of a report from the beginning of the year.
    A good year for us, and judging by the run of reports, ditto for you. We accomplished much of what we had planned in a vague way with the bonus of guest appearances at 2G3K. Thanks very much! The one glaring defeat was the failure to meet up with our NYC friends on the water.

    • Michael and Julie, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful message. Wow, congrats on the 100 paddles in 2014!! That is what…kayaking every third day? We are beyond jealous! And beyond thankful: We can’t begin to express how much we (and others) appreciate your guest blogs on 2G3K. We look forward to more! Good luck with all the frozen stuff in the next few days… Big hugs and best wishes, Jean & Alex

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    • Hey, Michele! We missed you on this paddle. Best wishes and Big Birthday hugs (!) from all of us “vikings.” May the QLs heal quickly so we can all reconvene on the water in January! Happy Thxgiving 🙂

    • Thank you, Dina! May we say, on this Thanksgiving eve, how happy we are to have met you Fab 4. You have added much color—beautifully—to our worldview. Big hugs, Jean & Alex

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