9 comments on “Autumn Light

  1. Shadows even longer now, most leaves off, oaks hold on, capable of glowing bright orange if the sun comes out. The big “if,” November is one cloudy month, complicated by the start of the main duck hunting season today. Next three days have paddle potential, but no longer wise to forsake farmer john and the rest of the paddler’s straitjacket kit. Nevertheless a harbor seal’s been lurking north of Stockport Flats, pops up suddenly from time to time. A rare visitor, thought I’d bring a bag of bunkers next paddle but none for sale locally. People say it’s a bad ideal, but who knows if we’ll ever see one again?

    • Guess you should wear (invent) a bright orange farmer john! Be careful out there. And wow, that’s amazing news about the harbor seal. All the way up there?? Have you ever seen them there before?

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous shots. And you know I love that you quoted the Seattle Times, using a UW source. I am feeling more and more loyal to my new(ish) home all the time, I guess. But here’s the question – the same angle happens at the opposite time of year, yet it’s not quite the same sensation, is it? Because we’re often looking at that light as it shines on warm colored leaves this time of year? Maybe!And how much does our knowledge of what’s coming – winter or summer – color our perception? Are we feeling a certain kind of yearning and basking int he autumn glow because we know dark days are near?

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