3 comments on “Roll, Roll, Roll Yer Boat: Finale

  1. You’re back — hooray! I was getting a little nervous. Looks like quite a feast but midge swarms in October?

    Q. At supper! Where?
    A. Not where she eats, but where she is eaten.

    Hmm — correction, plenty of eating by all parties!

    • Hi, Michael! I don’t know what kind of bugs they were, actually, but they lurk in the pine needles underfoot, then pounce! Invisibly. Dinner conversation was “Pass the tabasco” and “Pass the DEET!” Hope you’re well. Happy Halloween to you and Julie 🙂

  2. Hi Jean, The black and white photo fourth down is really beautiful! The first photo is crazy gross – looks like gnawed bones at first. Interesting stuff! Michele


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