11 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

    • Hi, Jann. We would LOVE to hear about your childhood memories of that Fair!!! We went with our friend Ivy, a toy inventor—she was also there, at age 4, with vivid memories of the event. Did you live in NY? What do you recall?
      BTW, thank you SO MUCH for the “follow”(ding ding ding ding !!! You are Number 100, hurray!)
      All the best, Jean & Alex

      • Sad to say I recalled very little after “It’s a Small World After All” pounded its way into my 11-year-old brain on an endless repeat cycle. Recently, though, on a trip to Texas’ Dinosaur Valley State Park (yes, this truly exists!! Here: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/dinosaur-valley), I discovered that two of the 1964 World’s Fair life-size dinosaurs had found a permanent home there. Regrettably, they were actually just replicas. Still, I photographed them. With my iPhone’s Panorama function.

      • Hee hee! Funny, I just wrote you a note about our cave, and you bring up dinosaurs 🙂 That sounds like quite a (jurassic) park! Was it your actual destination, or were you passing through? Oh, you’re so right about that awful song, BTW. Now it’s going through MY head, arrrggghhhh!

  1. Really nice photos – such soft colors – and the video, too. Isn’t it great to watch kids play in fountains? I love that. Peace Through Understanding. A long way off, apparently. I reveal my age if I tell you I went to that World’s Fair…we had moved to NJ from western NY so it was an easy day trip. I loved it – I remember being really excited by all the different cultures represented in the exhibits.

    • Thanks, Lyn. Yeah, we got a kick out of the kids playing in the fountains—right on cue, too! We’re starting to feel like the only folks who missed that Fair (we existed, but lived nowhere near). Did you happen to click on the link in the post, at mention of the fair? I goes to an amazing blogger’s exploration of the fairgrounds, now and then — he’s a Disney imagineer– with lots of then/now pics and little-known historical info, some of it controversial. I think you’d enjoy it.
      Be well. We’re enjoying your blog very much!!

  2. Just read the comment above – wish I had more specific memories, but I think that’s it – just the general thrill of being exposed to different ways and cultures and sights. I guess I was about 14.

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