8 comments on “Lighthouse to Lighthouse 2014

  1. Congratulations, Jean and Alex!! Great photos, too. Looks in every respect like a smaller version of the Blackburn Challenge. We might have to do it next year…. and of course you have to do the Blackburn! 🙂

    • Thanks, Vlad!! We can’t take credit for every photo… the one of Jean paddling and the last (tabletop shot of medals) belong to Dan Marino, pro photographer for the occasion. Let’s do the Blackburn next year, AND the L2L! Jean is practicing with her new wing paddle 😉 Um, how’s the Blackburn party? We have our priorities, you know.

      • 🙂 The Blackburn party is pretty good! Actually, I meant it when I said the two look very similar. So for the Blackburn, think L2L, just scaled up. Larger variety of boats, more people, but very similar flavor to the whole thing…

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