7 comments on “Happy Campers

  1. The surfski looks pretty cool… Someday maybe… Gotta learn how to keep what I got upright in the surf first! You have been blessed with great opportunity to paddle amongst friends… I do envy that…

    • Hi! Are you an ACA member? It can help you find people and places (tho not necessarily right next door). Plus a discount on your next Subaru! 🙂

      • Got two subarus already! My paddle mentor / buddy is a level 5 ACA open water instructor. I’m not a member. It mainly an issue of location. 3 hrs from the nearest population base where there’s an ACA organized club. Because they are inland, they are mainly flat water paddlers and don’t seek the open coast. Locally, there are only a handful if paddlers ( again, most not to serious (in a fun way) about the sea. Trying to encourage my wife to dive in. She will paddle lakes in the summer so that’s a good thing!

      • You are blessed with a remote and peaceful location!
        Do think about the ACA thing, though. Without access to their site, we never would’ve found out about Cumberland Island and Geneva Kayak group, for example; and that turned into a big favorite destination and travel group for us. It’s like Travelocity for kayakers 🙂 And even more fun when your spouse (or spouse-equivalent) comes along. Good luck with the recruiting! Have a great weekend, N 🙂

      • Thanks…. Good Advice. 🙂 Had a good practice session at the lake… Sunny, 70 F outside… Water warm… Summer Sea Breeze blowing…

  2. Crossed rhe LI Sound last Saturday with Michelle Sorensen, our fearless leader. Very very rough but what an adventure- and nobody dunked. Nicholas Clarke

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