8 comments on “Dunk In, The Water’s Fine!

    • 🙂 A few of us tried it, but so far, no converts. It’s a lot more difficult than it looks. Thanks for the visit!

  1. Just got your message while watching the fun! Good stuff. Now I want to go to the lake and play too!

    • It was pretty hilarious… summer camp for grown-ups! No converts to SUP though. Can’t figure out where we’re supposed to put the snacks 🙂 Hope you can get out and play soon. What’s the water temp?

      • Lake water is fine. Went swimming a month ago and it felt around 65. Probably 70 now so I could get by without a dry suit. I want to work on the roll and edging / bracing which seem to be limiting my comfort level when at sea. Been working on lesson and for school and yard work the past few days. P

      • Ditto on the skills! I’m still trying to make friends with surf. Have fun.

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