7 comments on “Travel Theme: Purple

    • Thanks 🙂 They’re so much better in person, but our little point-and-shoot managed to preserve the memory of this one. Sort of. Enjoy your time off, N. We’re enjoying your blog very much. J&A

      • Thanks. Maybe you guys will like it so much you will take a trip out here to enjoy it in person!…

        Dealing with Wrist issues from too much gardening that is compounded by paddling so I am limiting my paddle time as of lately. Been taking up hand-line fishing for Rockfish to give the wrist a bit of a change.. This weekend… Headed to the mountains for a backpack trip. Hope all is merry and bright with you both… Cheers…

    • Thank you, Dina! Hugs to the Fab Four, who seem to be enjoying quite a fab summer. All the best from Jean, Alex, & Kuno

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