20 comments on “Sunrise Paddle

  1. The John Muir Quote / Photo is my favorite. He is one of my Hero’s.. I never tire of reading his stories and poetic writings. Thanks for sharing that sunrise!

    • We love it too! Also the Sylvia Plath. What are you favorite Muir stories/poems? We definitely want to expand our reading list. Thanks 🙂

      • Well, the Mountains were my former lover… Still in love but trying to be more realistic about the long distance love affair (4 hours to the Cascades)… So hence, the new love – Kayaking on the Blue… My two favorite Muir books are The Wilderness World of John Muir – Edwin Way Teale & The Wild Muir – Lee Stetson. Both are selections from Muirs work. They give you a nice taste of some of the more popular of Muirs writings…

    • It really is, isn’t it? Do you get to see them often yourself? Thanks so much for visiting, maameJ 🙂

      • Not as often as I would like, and rarely in places as lovely as your photos. This morning I was up at dawn but the sky was blanket gray. However, on my walk to the bus I heard (and saw) a couple of kookaburras, so that was a treat instead.

      • Oooh, we would love to hear them! We’ve got mockingbirds here—they’re always good for a recital, and you never quite know what’s going to be on the program.:) Be well. Thanks for the visit!

      • I’d love to hear a mocking bird, I have no idea what they sound like. Kookaburras are also called lading jackassses, which gives you some idea of what they’re like.

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