10 comments on “Great Captains Island

  1. Beautiful day! It’s good to know that it IS possible to land on at least one beach in Greenwich in the summer. I was previously assuming that one would get chased off even there…

    • Hey, Vlad! Nope, it’s cool. As a non-resident, you can’t get a permit to camp, though. And parking your car in Greenwich to get the ferry is probably no fun either. But kayakers welcome (until further notice) 🙂

  2. Regarding Captains, the apostrophe may have fallen out of “Captain’s” over the years, converting the possessive to plural. Common in these parts, perhaps a local peculiarity. We also have a Greenwich, pronounced GREEN WITCH.

    • Hey, Michael. Yes, we actually do see it punctuated that way on various maps—even spots on the town Web site itself. But just as often, it appears as plural. Wonder how we can find a definitive answer, if there is one? Until that time, we kinda like thinking of pirates too!
      Raaaarrrgh, J&A

      • Booklet chart 12367 is doggedly singular — Captain Harbor, Great Captain Island, Little Captain Island & Wee Captain Island. There are even “Great Captain Rks!” Evidently Daniel Patrick was either a prodigious mariner or memorialized for sinking near the rocks. I’m sure you know how reliable the charts are, occasionally accurate as to water depth.

      • Yay, Michael! Thank you so much for looking this up!! Another possibility: a serious lack of imagination when it comes to naming islands… LOL. We’ll have to look up Daniel Patrick. Thanks again 🙂

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  4. Hi. Is great captains island a nice place to camp in the summer with small kids (3-6 years old)?


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