9 comments on “A Work of Art

  1. Love the Boat… Can’t wait to hear how you like it… I’m keeping my eye on the Tiderace series as my Go-To Option when I wear out my current boat.. Cheers! & Happy Paddling to the Lucky Girl!!!

    • Hey! You already said it: Love the Boat!!! It is everything I love about the Cetus LV, but (for me) faster, yet comfier. The shape is different (not Swede—I no longer have 3 fingers width of boat on either side of cockpit coaming). Deck raised a tad more, so my feet are happy even in winter boots. Still has the “ashtray” i.e., small day hatch up front, but it has a shallow, long well vs deep so I can move around better; and aggressive thigh braces!! But I’m hardly hampered by them while paddling–lots of room while rotating, etc–the difference is when capsized, yay! There they are! Heave ho. You should definitely check Tiderace out… I’m continually impressed with all the little but important stuff that it got right! G’night 🙂 the lucky girl

  2. Nice choice of kayak. Performs well and is nicely built. But champagne….really !!!!… any decent sea kayak deserves a nice bottle of red. Maybe a big gutsy Shiraz to match its bold temperament or maybe its more subdued mood with a Shiraz Sangiovese, accompanied of course with a nice meal on a deserted beach. Now thats my style of paddling.

    • Haha, you are so right on all counts! Funny you should mention the red wine/deserted beach scenario… you just described our weekend (Norwalk Islands, CT, with pals Vlad and Johna, aka Wind Against Current). Except the shiraz was in a bag, not a bottle…BTW, are you a sommelier? Love yer style! J&A

  3. Hurra, Bravo! Congratulations, Jean! Willy looks terrific and you too. we wish you lots and lots of happy hours with each other. Wonderful post! I’m still laughing myself silly about JJJJEEEESUS CHRRRIST FEEEEEEENTON! 🙂
    Big hug, Dina & Co

    • Thank you, Dina! Stay tuned for the back story on Fenton… (yes, funniest thing ever! Jesus Christ!) Glad to report that so far, Willy is much better behaved 🙂

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