6 comments on “Mothers Day Weekend 2014

  1. Water temp 50 degrees? I had forgotten how long it takes the big water to warm up. We hit 61 yesterday, went almost completely green. Nice to set aside the bulky layers, paddle in short sleeves.
    Sunday’s jellyfish very creepy. Lovely bird. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Hey, Michael and Julie! Thanks for the visit. Yeah, water’s still chilly (54 now) but we’ve hung up the drysuits and switched to the farmers. We look forward to paddling with you soon 🙂

    • He is indeed. Kuno is quite pretty, too!
      (Sorry, we couldn’t resist a funny 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting!)

  2. 🙂 The three of you are pure magic! Loved the post and I’m getting addicted to Kuno. 🙂
    Morther’s Day in Norway is on the second Sunday in February, I wonder why. Anyway,, my mum turned 80 so I paid her a visit. Time is valuable. You make lots out of your time, it seems. Well done!
    Big hug, Dina

    • You’re so right — time is precious. And it flies by so quickly! Where does your mum live? Both of ours, by coincidence, are in Arizona. Arid, landlocked, Arizona. It is quite beautiful, however… I believe you’d be leaping out of your car at every turn! Hugs to you-plural 🙂

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