7 comments on “Maine I: Paddling In A Postcard

  1. What a wonderful idea, most inspiring…!! 🙂 Lovely postcard, it cheered me up to read your card and see your photos, I really enjoyed this one. Maine must be so attractive, sad to say, I don’t know it. I have copied Marianne Moore words, thanks for introducing me to her. I can almost feel the plave now, right here in Bonn.
    Big hug to the two of you,
    Dina xo

    • Hi, Dina! This trip was our introduction to Maine also. Wow, what an exciting thought, if you and your camera came here…!!?? OMG, in an acronym 🙂 It is an extraordinarily beautiful, pristine place. We only hope our posts can begin to give some sense of it… enter Marianne Moore (1887-1972), a Pulitzer (and other) prize-winning poet we know of, thanks to Jean’s old, old, dear late friend, Jon—a West Village curmudgeon and undoubtedly the most well-read person we’ve met to date.
      (The Bookfayries may be ahead of us all!) Glad our little post cheered you today. Hmmm, in your last sentence, you’ve used a word we don’t know… plave (?)
      We look forward to hearing from you! Group Hug! Jean & Alex & Kuno

      • This is an exciting thought, indeed, dear jean, Alex and Kuno – I’d love to see Maine! It does look like a very pristine, beautiful place and I very much look forward to your next posts about the region as well. I love to travel and see new places, I’ll need some help to move Klausbernd around though… He was on the road for many years promoting his books, giving lectures and doing workshops and now he loves to stay at home and look after his garden… 🙂
        Sorry about my silly fingers, it was supposed to be place, not place!
        Thanks for the group hug! 🙂 xo
        Take care. Love, Dina

      • Hello again, Dina! It occurs to me that you should have my email (trip planning and all that). So much easier than back and forth thru WordPress, no? It is ccjeanko@gmail.com
        We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  2. What a treat! Paddling plus poetry — who could ask for more? Very pleasant surprise, Jean & Alex, an extended narrative, we’re looking ahead to the coming installments. Exciting stuff. We’ve heard much about the Maine coast, now we’ll get to see some of it from a choice perspective.

    • Hello, M&J 🙂 Thanks for your words of encouragement! We took an overwhelming number of photos, and it’s taken this long to sort it out. A fun trip — we recommend it! Part 2 coming up soon. Ish.

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