18 comments on “Ethereal

    • Thanks for your message, Vlad! We wish you both a calm (?) 300 miles in Florida… can’t wait to see you and Johna on the blog and in the City. Be safe, have fun!

      • Thank you!! But actually calm is not that good… please wish for a 10-15 knot wind from the north from Saturday until Tuesday or thereabouts, then becoming westerly… 😉

      • Haha, true! Calm water is WORK! We’ll put in our order for the weather you describe here. Good luck! 🙂

  1. You have got to be kidding… Trick Photography or something… Maybe photoshopped the images.. Absolute glass… I have never seen anything so big and so smooth… Looking at your photos / video was one the best part of my day today!

    • No, honest! Just our waterproof point-and-shoot, no photoshopping. It really was just that weird. We couldn’t believe it either!! Thanks for your note 🙂

    • Ah, sad story. It turned to polished concrete; we left it where it lay, among the faux corinthian columns and statuary at that LI home’s private beachfront. Thanks for your cyber visit, Ed! 🙂

    • Oh, Dina — thank you so much! Quite a compliment, coming from such a fine photographer as you–we are blushing, although the credit really goes to Mother Nature. We wish we could’ve gotten a photo of the seal that leapt out of the water, right behind my (J’s) boat–sploosh! And all those thousands of birds took flight (it sounded like a tornado!) but the video was ridiculously blurry… of all moments for the camera to fail!
      Big hugs back 🙂

      • Indeed that was a surreal day on the Sound. And we owned it all! So glassy flat you could probably see our kayak wakes from an airplane. And tropical weather in between the sub- freezing episodes. Great paddling with you 2 geeks!

      • Great paddling with you, too, Jim! As always.:)
        What a day, when all the wakes are from kayaks!? If your pics turned out, let’s do a Part 2. Hope to see you on the water again this weekend. J&A

      • Thanks for this lovely additional back up! 🙂 Mother Nature ist great, we all know that, but you have framed it so well. Oh, I’d love to see the seal…. but then again, I also love those very special moments. they come and go instantly, no time to capture it and I think it’s fine. Sometimes they present themselves and it is indeed a present. You two have a great hobby. Isn’t it marvelous, to have a partner that equally enjoys exploring, being on the water, being with you – one who shares what might come.
        Enjoy your weekend, good music, good wine..
        Best wishes, Dina

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