11 comments on “Wild Ones

  1. Oh, this is an eyeopener indeed! I had no idea that balloons were doing this much harm to wildlife and environment, what a shame! Thank you for clearing things up, lit(t)erearly. Excellent post. I’d give plenty more likes if possible.
    Take care.
    Big hug,

    • Big hug back, Dina! We had a vague idea that balloons were dangerous to wildlife, but we didn’t realize the extent of the damage, either, until we came across this organization’s site. No doubt, the people who released these balloons aren’t uncaring, either. Passing the info along is a good thing, and supporting the birthday cake lobby? 🙂

  2. Very impressed that you were able to turn a serious educational demonstration into a celebration. Appreciate your dedication to wild life and to the environment, and wish you success in all your ventures!

    • Hi, Shimon. Thanks! We only wish we were that smart… truth is, we found the balloons and hauled them in as rubbish (usually we’re picking up plastic jugs, plastic bags, tennis balls and snack wrappers). We knew the fishing line was dangerous to birds; only later did we learn about the balloon threat to everything else! Hats off to balloonsblow.org 🙂

  3. Balloons rare but they do show up. Never gave much thought to removal, mainly because the volume of floating garbage (plastic containers in abundance), often seen twice on the river that flows both ways, quickly overwhelms an impulse to clean it all up.
    Nevertheless, no excuse for letting every piece of trash float by, and, despite an inability to order by relative hazard, nasty balloons got to go.

    • Hey, there, BB! Wow, we have so much respect for your efforts… How’s it going? How can we ordinary folk help? (We do stab every mylar balloon we find floating in the LI Sound… very satisfying!) J&A

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