8 comments on “The Color Violet

  1. Quite the Winter Wonderland over there… Where are the XC skiis? I liked your Roy Gee Biv description… That’s ROYGBIV… My daughter and I were just talking about Newton this AM… Is there anything that guy didn’t discover?

    • I dunno, marshmallows? Then again, they’re a plant… which Newton might’ve known about. How did it come about, your conversation this morning? I think we just talked about Metro North!

      • What! It shocks you that there are geeker than thou’s out west!! Actually.. Not sure what happened to the daughter… Took her to Bob’s Red Mill a while back to earlier in the year and she has been talking pulleys, gears, angles and forces ever since she saw the old equipment there…She’s a senior and heading of to university next year to study mechanical engineering.. You should be here for dinner when we get to listen to a lecture on the space – time continuum… Pass the butter please..

      • Not shocked at all! The wild, geeky west? For sure! JPL pals, ASU relations, and now you. 🙂 Yay!! Alex is a mechanical engineer… a virtual cheerleading squad for your daughter, and others. Where does she plan to go to school? What’s this space/time continuum lecture we’re missing out on?

      • Oregon Tech (OIT).. Small university in Klamath Falls. They have a great relationship with industry partners. Not the most popular university in Oregon, no football team! As for the lecture… Hate to admit it but my knowledge base of physics is limited. Biology is more my strength.. Her enthusiastic rendition of physics principles that she was learning was a cross between a basketball cheerleader and livestock auctioneer.. It left my wife and I sitting at the table wondering how we could ask her to do the dishes after this event!.. Where does / What does Alex do in his Engineering world?

      • Wow, your daughter sounds formidable. Go, science girls, go! Go, football-agnostics! Hurray, OIT!
        In answer to your question, Alex is an energy efficiency engineer at CodeGreen NYC. Hey, why don’t we connect via email? I’m at ccjeanko@gmail.com
        We look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Hi Jean,

    Do you post your future outings. I’d like to join you sometimes. You may remember me singing ” I do like to be besides the sea side” in Maine. Attached is a short movie I made from Costa RIca, thinking of being beside the sea.

    Nick Nicholas Clarke IMG_0207 – Copy.MOV

    • Hello, Nick! By all means, let’s paddle! We’ll send a heads up via email.
      Can you please resend the link to your movie? Didn’t seem to attach here…
      And if it’s not too much to ask, the lyrics to “I do like to be besides the sea side” — I know you tried to teach us over breakfast, but we’ve forgotten! See you seaside soon! J&A

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