10 comments on “Birds Of A Feather

  1. AMAZING! These pictures are breathtaking. You did an excellent job capturing their flight! How close were you to the birds? We found one nest near us. If we got close to it, the mama would start circling us in a way that said-it is time for you to leave. 🙂 I look forward to seeing the family next year. 😉

    • Thank you! Distance typically 50-100 feet, a shallow area, high tide closer than low. In our experience nesting ospreys circle ominously as you describe, but so far none of the nesting eagles. The tricky part is anticipating the launch — look for sudden head movements (planning the escape route) or the ejection of a massive load of guano. The latter also a good reason to avoid getting directly underneath the bird, a bad vantage to boot, but sometimes the current will take you into the fallout zone. No choice but to put the camera down and paddle away, which is when the bird will surely take off!

      • LOL. Yes, we don’t get close enough to get under them, so hopefully we will avoid all droppings. Yes, we have ospreys as well. They definitely look like they will come get us. The eagle just gave us a look while flying overhead. I don’t bring my camera paddling, but your pics make me wish I did-something to consider, (Of course, I paddle with three children, so staying calm and quiet doesn’t happen too often. ..smile)

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