9 comments on “Lift Up Your Eyes

    • Nick, dear, is that you? Thanks so much for your lovely comment here… we’re looking forward to seeing you soon AND posts on what appears to be your brand new blog! Yay! J&A

  1. Love this! I would much rather suit up and paddle than drive a car to a crazy mall parking lot and allow crowds of unhealthy people shove me around for a sickening pursuit of stuff made cheaply in China. Tomorrow, if today’s sessions go well, I’ll be helping my husband fiberglass his cedar strip yak. Whoohoo!

    • Hey, Laura! Thanks… we couldn’t agree more. Isn’t it so much nicer to be outdoors? The muzak is way better. 🙂 Please keep us informed of the cedar strip kayak’s progress and other goings-on in snowy Madison. What an interesting vocation you’ve chosen! J&A

      • Thank you J&A. Yes, my current day job certainly provokes many questions and fills my day with extremely unique stories from fascinating people. I’ll be sure to keep in touch regarding the kayak progress. In the meantime I love seeing your little kayak adventured. Keep it up! Cheers!

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