3 comments on “Weekly Travel Theme: Flow

    • We did indeed! Good ol’ “South of the Border” was a fixture of Jean’s childhood (she grew up in Winston-Salem, N.C., and her family drove to the beach—often a S.C.one—every summer). Remember all the billboards for miles and miles before AND after?? They’re still there, with the Frito-Bandito speak (VISUAL: illustration of Pedro pointing to a sausage. COPY: EVERYONE’S A WEENER AT SOUTH OF THE BORDER!) and TURN AROUND AMIGO, YOU MISSED IT!
      We only recently learned that the same folks who own SOTB have purchased another S.C. icon, good ol’ Blenheim Ginger Ale!!!

      • Jean, Great pictures , much fun, Rick still talks about “Momma Lilly”. The woven basket sits in a prominent place in the living room. Mom

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