2 comments on “Weekly Travel Theme: Flow—Part 2

  1. Have I told you the Sea Islands are like home to me? I started going there (GA) when I was about 10 for two weeks every Easter. Thanks for the video – it’s so familiar, except that the dolphins were gone by the time I stopped going down there regularly. Now they’re back. You were lucky to be with them.

    • Hi! Yes, we do recall your connection. Didn’t your grandparents live there? Set us straight. We’d love to know more about your experiences in the Sea Islands!!
      We ADORE this part of the world…Tybee Island, Cumberland Island, GA…Edisto, S.C., the N.C. Outer Banks. Hoping we can flow on down there one of these days and stay for good. BTW, are you familiar with the writings of environmental scientist Todd Ballantine? While visiting the Edisto Historical Society, we picked up his collection of articles (now a book) about the beaches and salt marshes of Hilton Head Island and the Southeastern coast: Tideland Treasure. Reading about the “nature soup” (his term) of the ocean environment there really made the trip.

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