2 comments on “Boom! It’s Spring

  1. The video is fun – the splashing water puts me right there. Happy to hear Larchmont’s YC is laid back, that’s a good thing. I once worked at the Riverdale YC, on the Hudson – it was like a remnant of a boating club of times gone by, with no boats, just an unused ramp, a quiet tennis court or two, a small swimming pool, and a clubhouse where old time locals came for dinner. It was very under-the-radar and they liked it that way. And what a view at sunset! Glad you’re getting good weather.

    • Hey! Thanks for the message. Glad you liked the water video; we’ll try more in future, if we can get the dang camera-mount thing placed correctly — I keep whacking it with my paddle, doh!
      Love your description of the club in Riverdale. We’ll check it out for sure. For the record, the only thing HHYC has in common with Larchmont YC-proper is, we’re both in Larchmont… beyond that, no designer sunglasses ’round here. When did you work at Riverside? Ever visit Yonkers Rowing & Paddling Club? Oooh-any photos…? Would love to see your take on the Hudson Valley.

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